What To Do In And Around Broome

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Here is your explicit guide to Broome, WA – from accommodation in Broome to the best activities in and around the surrounding areas.


Western Australia may not be Victoria or New South Wales, but it still has a lot to offer. Just take a look at Broome in WA. Okay, the name may not get the nerves tingling like a Sydney or a Melbourne. Yet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a host of great activities, eateries and places to stay. Here’s just a taster of what you could be doing if you decide to hit the west coast of Aus.

Ride A Camel On Cable Beach

Where beaches are concerned, Cable is one of the most notorious on the entire continent. And, for good reason. The sand is golden brown and the water crystal clear, which is exactly what you want from a beach! However, the best activity by far is a camel ride as the sun sets. Forget about horse and pony rides because Broome likes to do things differently. The novelty of riding a camel down the beach is enough to keep you occupied. Plus, it is a beautiful way to watch the sun go down over the ocean.


Go Pearl Shopping In Chinatown

Like every big town or city, Broome has a vibrant and vivacious Chinatown. Where this one differs is that the main attraction is the shopping, not the food. The shopping centers around one jewel – pearls. This Chinatown has an amazing array of pearls that will make your eyes bulge. And, the price isn’t astronomic. Even if you are not a pearl person, Chinatown is Broome’s main shopping area and is well worth a look regardless.

Enjoy A Beer At Matso’s Brewery

broome holidayDo you like a beer? Most Australians do, so you may want to convert just to assimilate to the culture! Thankfully, Matso’s offers a great selection of beers for you to try, so there should be one that you like. In fact, the alcoholic ginger beer is a firm favourite among the locals, as is the award winning Mango beer. The food isn’t too shabby either. There is no better way to wash down the local Aussie cuisine than with an award-winning beer in the sun. Ah, bliss!

Tuck Into Mud Crab

Sticking with the food theme, you can’t visit Broome without trying a mud crab feast. Don’t let the name fool you – mud crab is delicious and not at all dirty. The term mud refers to the habitat of the crab, and they are well washed and prepared beforehand. Pinctada Cable Beach Resort is one of the best places to try this delicacy thanks to their Brizo Restaurant. Plus, the resort is also a fantastic place to stay if you are looking for a room. Or, you can catch a haul and have someone cook it for you on the beach side.

Stay At Eco Beach

Eco Beach Resort offers an array of accommodation options. For those of you that love to sleep beneath the stars, you can take a tent and camp. Or, for those of you that prefer luxury, there is the villa or beach house option. While you are there, you can enjoy spa sessions, extreme sports, and even a flight over Roebuck Bay.


See, Western Australia has just as much to offer as the east coast.

Attraction In Italy This Summer

Are you interested in seeing an exceptionally unusual attraction in Italy this summer? Maybe something that can be seen from space? Maybe something unlike anything else in the world? Well, if that’s the case, Piedmont has something for you: A giant pink rabbit knitted you can see from satellites above the earth. Located in the Alps, in a rural place called Colletto Fava, rarity attracts many visitors each year. An object the knitting wool, which is rotting slowly and is expected to be completely gone by 2025, if you want a chance to see it for yourself, you need to plan a trip in the coming years. As already it deteriorated somewhat. So, why not find a villa with pool in Piedmont and spend a day visiting this unusual view?

Alpes, Piedmont

The knitting for five years by the Viennese art collective, “Gelatin” was completed and placed in Colletto Fava in 2005. The bunny, called Hase (Hare) measures 200 feet long and 20 feet high.

It was conceived by the artists and produced with the help of a group of grandmothers who did most of the sock of this monumental work. Placed 5,000 feet in the mountains of the Alps in northern Italy, which was made for hikers enjoy and rest during their travels.

The rabbit is lying back with his intestines rivulets made out on the floor.

Mountains in the Alps

Originally of a bright pink color, which highlighted against the rich green foliage and winter landscapes snow-covered tracks. Now it tends to a somewhat murkier gray and slowly rotting in the ground. There are no plans to remove the work, as there will likely be completely gone, of course, 2025.

Wolfgang Gantner, a member of the group, explained that the intention behind the bunny was so that visitors “would feel small, like Gulliver. You can walk around it and can not help but smile.” He also noted that visitors are invited to contribute to the work can go up the sit, relax, take pictures and much more.


Made of waterproof, soft and stuffed with the straw material is designed to be in a place where people can relax and unwind. It also proves to be a unique vantage point to enjoy views of the surroundings and the area.

Hotels In Italy

If you have more budget you can choose a hotel with extras such as heated pool, spa, room service, laundry and others.

It all depends on the type of accommodation you choose and the budget with which you count.

An alternative that is becoming more common is to rent apartments, you can find different prices depending on location and number of environments.

If ever you are in Piedmont, make sure to hike and climb to Hase. Who knows how long it will last, see it while you can.